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    Mars Chocolate Converts Laydown Bags to Stand-Up Pouch Format
    Mars Chocolate North America takes a stand with the conversion of laydown bags to redesigned, resealable Stand-Up Pouches (SUP) for its Bite-sized chocolate brands - M&M’S® Brand Candies, SNICKERS® Bites and TWIX® Bites.
    This conversion aims to transform the candy aisle by aligning packaging sizes and names across Mars’ Bite-sized portfolio to make candy shopping easier and deliver better value. New SUP sizes and names are:
    • New Grab & Go: 4.5 - 5.5 ounces (for 2 people)
    • Sharing Size: 8.0 - 10.7 ounces (for 2-4 people)
    • Family Size: 15.4 - 19.2 ounces (for 4+ people)
    • Party Size: 30.0 - 42.0 ounces (M&M’S® Brand only)
    Comprehensive marketing campaigns will support the transition throughout 2017. M&M’S® Brand highlights include core TV and online video, FSIs, e-coupons, in-store support and displays, print advertising, and social media. Focused support for SNICKERS® and TWIX® Bites will reach Millennials and build awareness through online video, in-store promotions, tear pads, social media and couponing.
    Mars Chocolate is leading this major aisle conversion initiative that will offer multiple benefits for the category, retailers, shoppers and consumers. The conversion to SUPs will improve the shopping experience, as candy is currently ranked last in ease of shopping.1
    For the Bite-sized category, SUPs will drive both dollar and unit sales as the category is projected to grow as treating becomes more prevalent, especially with Millennials.2 SUPs will improve the shopping experience by enabling shoppers to find items faster, take advantage of evolving consumer trends by recruiting light and lapsed users with new price points and enable the growing consumer trend of treating over time.2
    Retailers can now easily promote and merchandise across both Filled Bar Bites and M&M’S® Candies, given the newly aligned pricing across the portfolio. The new Grab & Go size addresses the need for a lower-priced pack size and recruits shoppers back into the chocolate category. Additionally, new, simplified pricing delivers 10-12 percent greater value for shoppers wanting to trade up to larger sizes.2
    For shoppers, Mars’ redesigned packaging helps shoppers understand which pack is right for them and their usage occasion: 73 percent prefer the Grab & Go size for travel; 70 percent said Sharing Size bags provide good value for 2-4 people; and 62 percent would use the Family Size bag as a treat for their household (4+ people).3
    Consumers benefit from improved shopability as research shows consumers picked up their first item 25 percent faster in the SUP bag.2 Additionally, 82 percent of consumers thought the new SUP range was a better value versus the current range of M&M’S® Brand offerings, and 67 percent indicated that resealability influenced trading up to larger sizes.3
    Mars has proven results around the globe, having converted to SUPs in the United Kingdom in 2006. Results there included a 22.2 percent increase in product penetration, a 9.5 percent increase in spending per trip and a 3.2 percent increase in packs purchased per trip. Mars also has been an industry leader in the category transition to SUPs in Canada, Germany and the Netherlands.4
    Convenience Store, Drug, Mass, Grocery, Value

    Phase 1A (September 2016)

    • Large M&M’S® Brand Laydown bags convert to SUP Family Size (no weight/price change)

    Phase 1B (December 2016)

    • 8-ounce M&M’S® Brand SUP will be discontinued and replaced with a new, lower weight (5.0-5.5-ounce), lower price SUP “Grab & Go.”
    • SNICKERS® Bites and TWIX® Bites will launch in 4.5-4.7-ounce SUP “Grab & Go” size.

    Phase 2 (April 2017)

    • M&M’S® Medium Bag will convert to a de-weighted SUP Sharing Size.
    • SNICKERS® Bites and TWIX® Bites Sharing Size package relaunch
    • SNICKERS® Bites and TWIX® Bites Family Size redesign
    • M&M’S® Caramel Sharing Size launch

    $2.00-$2.99, Grab & Go -- M&M’S®, SNICKERS® Bites, TWIX® Bites
    $2.98-$4.29, Sharing Size -- M&M’S®, SNICKERS® Bites, TWIX® Bites
    $4.74-$7.49, Family Size -- M&M’S®, SNICKERS® Bites, TWIX® Bites
    $8.98-$13.49, Party Size -- M&M’S®

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    *List price/weight subject to change; retail price is the sole discretion of the retailer

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