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  • Convenience Retailer Resources from Wrigley and Mars Chocolate

    Shopping continues to evolve and as category leaders Wrigley and Mars Chocolate are committed to providing research-driven insights and solutions for retailers’ businesses and adapt to the changing retail environment.

    Transaction Zone Vision
    In 2015, Wrigley and Mars Chocolate announced their “Transaction Zone Vision,” a fresh approach to driving incremental purchases based on three primary mindsets shoppers have when they’re checking out - Refresh, Reward, Remind.

    Merchandising to meet these needs drives critical incremental sales and almost a year later, more than a dozen retailers are implementing the findings and seeing meaningful results.

    Shopper Decision Tree
    Specifically created for c-stores, the Shopper Decision Tree helps retailers shelve products based on how shoppers think of a category.

    • For example, shoppers looking for fun gum, such as Juicy Fruit with Starburst flavors, may also be looking for fruity gum and shelving these products together helps them easily find the products they want.

    Best-In-Class Planograms
    Best-in-Class Planograms incorporate three key areas of insights - Flavor Zones, Power Brands and Usage Occasions - that all work together with the Shopper Decision Tree to help individual retailers strategically merchandise their shelves.

    • Flavor Zones: Flavor consistently drives products consumers choose and retailers can create distinct “flavor zones” that align to the Shopper Decision Tree tool.
    • Power Brands: Leading with Power Brands, or those brands most familiar to shoppers, makes it easy and quick for them to shop.
    • Usage Occasions: Organizing shelves with bulk gum packaging and opening price point items in the lead position drives new users and grows existing ones.

    The customized Best-in-Class Planograms provide retailers with research-driven insights into how consumers shop to merchandise their shelves with initial testing showing a 4-6 percent sales lift.

    Path to Purchase
    Shoppers move through the store and make buying decisions quickly, so retailers should position confectionery in secondary displays along the path to purchase. High traffic locations include: near the register, cold vault, foodservice/deli, and fountain drinks. By including second, third and fourth interruption points, the c-store operator creates opportunity for a larger, more profitable ring.  Wrigley and Mars Chocolate offer a wide range of display options that will convert shoppers into buyers in these high traffic areas.

    Looking Ahead
    More than 18,000 stores across the country have already begun implementing the Best-in-Class Planograms and Wrigley and Mars Chocolate will continue to bring these concepts and recommendations to life in more stores and share key learnings from our retailer partners throughout 2017.

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